Ticks can be active during cooler temperatures and can even survive our cold winters.

  • Blacklegged tick activity is influenced by temperature. Adult blacklegged ticks begin looking for a host to feed on when the temperature is 4 degrees celcius or above.
  • The immature stage of the blacklegged tick, which become active in late spring, continue to be active throughout the summer season.
  • Adult blacklegged ticks are most active during the fall when cool temperatures are ideal for them!
  • Adult blacklegged ticks are active again if the temperature rises to 4 degrees celcius and above during winter, even when there is still snow on the ground!
  • American dog tick activity is influenced by day length.
  • The American dog tick begins questing as the days get longer in the spring and early summer and activity decreases as days shorten in the late summer and fall.

Could ticks be active in your area today?

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Where can my pet get ticks?

Contact your veterinarian for more information on tick prevention and awareness.

They can also help set up a tick control program
for your pet.